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1. The nitty-gritty when it comes to learn a language: PASSION 🥰

Like everything in life, if you are going to do something you must do it with passion. Learning languages is not an exception.

Choose to learn only those that your heart asks for and you will succeed ☺️

2. Learn only what you need to learn!

Don’t try to start a puzzle with the sky. Focus first on the relevant information in order to continue completing it afterwards.

CONNECTORS and most useful VERBS are the pieces you must start from. Since they do not depend on the context, they are much more valuable words. Learn less, learn more.

3. Speak more than your teacher

It is not the teacher who must practice and speak continuously, but the apprentice. Said that, if you are in a class where your teacher speaks only, consider a change.

Student-centered instead of teacher-centered system.

4. Don't be ashamed when speaking a foreign language

A good person will always respect the fact that a foreigner is making an effort to speak their language.

Therefore, if you meet a bad person who laughs at you, you are not interested in him as a friend. And that’s all.

5. Don't look for magic recipes

You just have to look at how your parents taught it to you. Just try to remember how you learnt your own language and follow the method.

You made it through long before and now you are much clever! What could go wrong?

6. Start speaking from the very first day!

Don’t be afraid to start talking from the moment you know the first word.

Even if it seems like a lie, you can do it from the beginning and the sooner you start the sooner you will learn.


1. Improve your personal relationships

When you learn a new language your chances of relating to its speakers are 100%

And that’s a lot of people and new opportunities. Who knows how a relationship can end up? 😜

2. Increase your circle of friends

Make friends all around the world and exchange cultures.

There is no better way to learn a language and a culture than this. It will help you to grow to unimaginable limits!

3. Hold the key that opens one more lock in your world!

One of the biggest hurdles people face when traveling to another country is language. Imagine the peace of mind of knowing that precisely you will be able to communicate in any situation.

Now you will be able to travel with complete confidence!

4. Boost your professional career

The probabilities of growing professionally are multiplied by 100 when you decide to learn a new language.

You will always be ahead of those who don’t and you will be much more valued.


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